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Dr Nelmara Arbex is an expert in the field of business and sustainability – with almost 20 years of international experience – and the Founder of Arbex & Company.

She is also a Teaching Fellow at the Boston College – CCC and has been nominated for the Tällberg Foundation Global Leadership Prize 2016.

After her carrier as a physicist, Nelmara started in business as a consultant on strategy and innovation at McKinsey & Co in 1999.  She left the company to build her expertise in business and sustainability field, working for companies and not-for-profit organizations such as Instituto Ethos and Natura Cosmeticos, in Brazil, and the Global Reporting Initiative, in The Netherlands.

As the GRI Deputy Chief Executive, she led the global multi-stakeholder consultation process involving thousands of people around the world – business, trade unions, civil society representatives and experts in various fields – to create the global sustainability reporting guidelines GRI G4. G4 was launched in 2013 and the development process is considered the largest consultation of its kind ever implemented. In this period, she was also part of the IIRC Working Group, which developed the IIRC Framework. At GRI she also built a global network of training partners including organizations in more than 30 countries.

In 2015 and 2016 she led a new global project called “Sustainability and Reporting in 2025”, the focus was emerging trends. It was based on research and interviews with companies’ executives and experts from around the globe.  Since then, Nelmara has been working on trends and their impacts on organizations and business.  She has worked with executives and board members in a variety of industries – energy, packaging, forestry, food – understanding how society’s trends are creating challenges and opportunities critical for business strategy in the next years.

Nelmara is a teacher and a frequent speaker at events around the world. She has produced and co-authored several publications and articles.

She has served as a member of various organizations’ councils, including, among others, the IIRC Technical Committee; the Advisory Board at SIM –Responsible Supply Chains – Netherlands; the Sustainability Council at AMATA – Brazil; the Advisory Council at CORDAID – International; the Advisory Council at RAPS – Political Action Network for Sustainability – Brazil; and the global McKinsey Executive Panel.

Nelmara holds a PhD in theoretical high energy physics from the University of Marburg – Germany and a postgraduate degree in Sustainability and Business from the University of Cambridge – UK.

Nelmara is Brazilian and lives in Amsterdam and São Paulo.