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Arbex & Company is an international training & services center and a network of experts from many countries and various fields of expertise. It was founded to support companies and non-profit organizations to succeed in a changing and highly interactive context.

Our goal is a sustainable, democratic, inclusive, creative, abundant present and future.

We offer training and support services to managers, executives and experts to enable them to excel when facing contemporary demands, whether they be ethical, reputational, social, environmental, on innovation or other contextual trends.

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Dr. Nelmara Arbex, Founder

Nelmara Arbex – the founder – is a seasoned professional with almost 20 years of  international working experience in innovation and sustainability. She has built her skills working at oganizations such as McKinsey & Co,  Natura Cosmetics and GRI. In this period she also developed projects for clients and partners in over 20 countries, in several sectors and areas.  She is a teaching fellow at the Boston College – CCC. 

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Our clients

Experts Network

Katherine Smith
Katherine SmithBoston College Center
Katherine Smith is executive director of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship in the Carroll School of Management, where she teaches, among other subjects, “Business in Society”.

Katherine has worked with corporate R&D, philanthropy and CSR programs for more than 20 years.  She has unique experience working on facilitating large scale public-private partnerships and joint research projects over the course of her career.

Marjolein Baghuis
Marjolein BaghuisChange in Context
Marjolein Baghuis is the founder of Change in Context, the platform about positive change for a sustainable economy. She is an expert in the field of sustainability strategy and communications. During her extensive and diverse carrier, she has worked with entrepreneurs, small and large companies and international NGOs.

She is a big believer in the power of business to drive change for a more sustainable economy. 

Enrique Torres
Enrique TorresTorres Training
Enrique Torres has over 20 years of international experience in developing and implementing training and learning programmes for private, governmental and non-governmental organizations in a variety of cultural contexts such as the Americas, Australasia, Europe and sub-Saharan Africa.

He provides a variety of tailor-made training and coaching activities in different areas, such as CSR /sustainability/integrated reporting, project management, training and presentation skills.

Leontien Hassel-Plugge
Leontien Hassel-PluggeSIM
Leontien Hassel-Plugge is executive director at SIM and an expert in supply chain treacebility. During the last 15 years, Leontien has worked on supply chain transparency related projects with multinationals in a variety of countries and sectors.

Leontien has worked for many years in building local networks for sustainability reporting and transparency in China, Brazil, Australia, India, South Africa, US, among other countries.

Mervyn King
Mervyn KingMervyn King
Mervyn King is a corporate attorney, arbitrator, mediator, corporate director, commission chair, author and speaker. A former judge of the Supreme Court of South Africa, he is ex-chairman of the IIRC and chairman emeritus of the GRI.

He is an expert in Integrated Thinking and best known internationally for chairing the King Committee on Corporate Governance, which issued comprehensive guidance -in 1994, 2002, 2009 and 2016- on implementing an contemporary, integrated and inclusive approach to corporate governance.

Michell Zappa
Michell ZappaFuturist
Michell Zappa is a futurist and technology advisor. He studies accelerating change and frequently briefs policy-makers and organizations on how to manage technological disruption.

Michell worked with institutes, companies and governments in a variety of countries such as Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada and Brazil. Through his work, he helps people understanding the role that technology could have in their lives and business in the next decades and how it can be used to build better futures.

Igor Botelho
Igor BotelhoSocial Entrepreneur
Igor Botelho is an entrepreneur working on a variety of fields, such as business strategy development, project management and creativity and facilitation for sustainability, communication, and innovation processes.

A sustainable world “is a place where everyone has access to organic food, clean water, sanitation, energy and more”. Frugal innovation and collaboration, spread through networks, is the way to get there. This world has to be built by young people everywhere, who are desperately seeking a world to belong to.

Roberto Waack
Roberto WaackFundação Renova
In combination with decades of executive activities, Roberto was also the chairman of the Forest Stewardship Council for several years, Coalisao Brasil leader and board member of organizations such as GRI, Ethos Institute, IBGC and WWF-Brazil. He is the co-founder of Amata, a Brazilian sustainable forestry company,

Since 2016 he leads the Renova, a foundation in charge of reconstruction projects along Rio Doce region, after the largest operational accident caused by a mining company in Brazil.

Key collaborator - Carmen Nascimento
Key collaborator - Carmen NascimentoIncantare - Brazil
She is a specialist in content research and development with almost 30 years of experience in a wide variety of topics and formats.
She was the editorial director of Almanaque Abril, which for 30 years is one of the most important reference works in the country, and the Student Guide, the most complete series of yearbooks on courses, professions and careers – both Editora Abril publications – where she also coordinated projects for the implementation of databases and content management.
He was content manager at Natura Cosméticos, responsible for coordinating the production and management of institutional content, and collaborator of several newspapers and magazines
Currently, she works on research and production of publications for organizations such as the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), Center for Studies and Research in Education, Culture and Community Action (Cenpec), Unibanco Institute, among others.
She also worked in the production of sustainability reports for companies such as EY, Even, Clariant, Ambev, Microsoft Brasil, Camargo Corrêa, and was responsible for the executive production and coordination of the research for the book CDDPH – A History of Resistance and Struggle for Human Rights in Brazil, published by the Secretariat of Human Rights of the Presidency of the Republic.

She holds a degree in Journalism from Cásper Líbero College and in Literature from USP, and a postgraduate degree in Photography and Media from Faculdades Senac.