The superpower of frugal innovation

Igor Botelho is a rare combination of mindful grace and volcanic creative energy, acting together. He connects calmly and gently with all around him, with genuine interest and an open heart.  But, when talking about [...]

Tomorrow’s world is already happening!

Open your eyes! Pioneers around the globe are, right now, re-inventing agriculture, energy, economy, democracy and education. You can do a lot to move things in the right direction, so just do it! [...]

Ethics: power to align beliefs and actions!

“The biggest issue that society will face in the next decade and longer is the lost of trust and legitimacy in many social institutions”. This was the first statement Simon Longstaff made when I [...]

Mutations in the global energy business

The publication of the "The Next Era of Corporate Disclosure" in March 2016 was only possible because of some very forward looking partners.  A critical one was Marina Migliorato. This Sicilian lady came to Rome [...]

The German powerhouse

June 2, 2014. I am very excited on my way to the Berlin Congress Center on the East Side of Berlin. I have reserved the day for the Sustainable Development Council Annual Conference of the [...]

Liberating the supply chains’ energy

When you talk to sustainable supply chain experts, you hear stories like this: “You go to your favorite supermarket, get your favorite lasagna from the shelf, bring it to a scanner and scan the [...]

The Brazilian way to envision

I met Roberto Waack for the first time in 2000, preparing  to visit “sustainable projects” in Holland with a Brazilian delegation. At that time, he was an executive in love with trees, moving to the forestry sector. I was at [...]

The business alchemy of Mr. Seabra

Luiz Seabra,  "Seu Luiz" for the Brazilians, is one of the most successful business leaders in the world. He is the founder of the large and influential Natura Cosmetics, which he started in the 70s in a garage in what [...]

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