About Nelmara Arbex

Dr. Nelmara Arbex is an expert in the field of business and sustainability with over 15 years of international experience. She is the CEO, Founder of Arbex & Company. She is author of a variety of publications and a frequent speaker in events around the globe. She has worked as a consultant on strategy and innovation at McKinsey & Co, and as executive at Instituto Ethos and Natura Cosmeticos, in Brazil, and at the Global Reporting Initiative, in The Netherlands. She holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from University of Marburg (Germany) and is post-graduated in Business and Sustainability from the University of Cambridge (UK).

Mario Abreu – Yes! Redesigning packaging to save our oceans!


Some months ago, Mario Abreu became Global Vice President for Sustainability at Tetra Pak. One of his team’s main tasks will be to support Tetra Pak’s global clients -  major companies in the food and beverage industry - to redesign packaging. These clients operate in Europe and Asia and are getting ready to implement new [...]

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To know more, to achieve more, with Katherine Smith!


Nowhere else have I got such a precise idea of what this expression means as I have at the Boston College Corporate Citizenship Center working with Katherine Smith. The Center, founded in 1985, combines the power of the globally respected teaching and research of the Carroll School faculty, the insights and experience of more than [...]

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The superpower of frugal innovation


Igor Botelho is a rare combination of mindful grace and volcanic creative energy, acting together. He connects calmly and gently with all around him, with genuine interest and an open heart.  But, when talking about innovative solutions or an inclusive future, he talks quickly, passionately and intensely about ideas, initiatives and entrepreneurs he knows from [...]

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“I believe in being truthful, not neutral”, says Amanpour


“Democracy has 4 main pillars: free elections, independent justice system,  unrestricted right of people to demonstrate peacefully and freedom of the press", said last week a famous German journalist, Claus Kleber, when he began presenting the news on politics on TV . Well, in a year when the word “post- truth” was voted the word of the [...]

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Tomorrow’s world is already happening!


Open your eyes! Pioneers around the globe are, right now, re-inventing agriculture, energy, economy, democracy and education. You can do a lot to move things in the right direction, so just do it! This was for me the revelation of “Tomorrow”, a film made by Melanie Laurent, Cyril Dion and a group of [...]

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Trump: a catalyst for a stronger, greener, fairer, global movement?


There is an urgent need for a wake-up call for the green  movement and social leaders. The journalist and writer Naomi Klein and many others believe that part of the green movement had become too soft in the last decade, avoiding discussion on what a low carbon economy might mean in reality, helping [...]

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Ethics: power to align beliefs and actions!


“The biggest issue that society will face in the next decade and longer is the lost of trust and legitimacy in many social institutions”. This was the first statement Simon Longstaff made when I interviewed him about the future challenges we will face in the next decade (see here). Simon’s envisions a future where [...]

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Mutations in the global energy business


The publication of the "The Next Era of Corporate Disclosure" in March 2016 was only possible because of some very forward looking partners.  A critical one was Marina Migliorato. This Sicilian lady came to Rome to study and work. But it was after she became an executive at ENEL, 15 years ago, that she could fully [...]

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“Apply your minds to integrated thinking!”


June, 2014. Call with Prof. Mervyn King for one hour. He is in Johannesburg, South Africa and his first words are about the 2 degrees Celsius temperature they are facing there this Autumn. I try to imagine his house up in the hills, and the townships in the valleys, in these temperatures… The conversation [...]

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The German powerhouse


June 2, 2014. I am very excited on my way to the Berlin Congress Center on the East Side of Berlin. I have reserved the day for the Sustainable Development Council Annual Conference of the German Government (14. Jahreskonferenz des Rates fuer Nachaltige Entwicklung). The Council is related to the Kanzlerin‘s (Merkel’s) gabinet. In the [...]

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