Nelmara Arbex’s selected publications list


“The next era of corporate disclosure – digital, responsible, interactive”


 “Sustainability and Reporting 2025 – Analysis Papers and videos”

 “Empowered by Transparency: Shaping Business for the Future”

Global Policy, Vol 6, Issue 4, Durham University and John Wiley & Sons Ltd


 “The GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines – G4”

 “Sustainability Topics by Sector”

“The sustainability of integrated reports – A survey of pioneers”


“The landscape of Reporting”, Harvard Business School (co-author)

“Responsible Management in Asia: Perspectives on CSR” (co-author)

 “Making the magic happen” – article

ACCA publication – Accounting Futures – Critical Issues for Tomorrow’s Profession – Edition 04 – 2011

Preface for ‘Sustainability in Projects and Project Management’


“The Sustainable Economy”, with John Elkington (Volans-GRI collaboration)


“Sustentabilidade com Pimenta”– Blog, portuguese


“High-impact Sectors: the Challenge of Reporting on Climate Change”, ACCA-GRI publication – COP15 event.

 “Der Nachahltigkeitbericht – Los get’s!”, Ludwigsburger Symposium

 “Let’s Report! Step-by-step guidance to prepare a basic GRI sustainability report”, GRI Learning Publications.

 “Relatórios de Sustentabilidade – As diretrizes GRI”, Revista Ética nos Negócios, No 1.


 “GRI Sustainability Reporting: How valuable is the journey?”, GRI Learning Publications.

“Common Language for a common future”, GRI Learning Publications.


 “The GRI Sustainability Reporting Cycle: a step-by-step guide for small and not so small organizations”, GRI Learning Publications.

 “Praticas para o desenvolvimento Sustentável”, in Educação Ambiental e Conservação da Biodiversidade, Editora Manole.


 “How to build a better world through your vote”, Natura Publications, 2004 and 2005

 “To build a better world one needs to…”, Natura Publications 2005


Ethos Indicators and Ethos Guidelines for Social Report, 2002 and 2003

“Developing Value-The Business Case for Sustainability in emerging markets, in collaboration with IFC and Sustainability , 2003

“Social, Racial and Gender profile at the direction of big Brazilian companies” – 2002

“Consumer Perception in Brazil of Corporate Responsibility “- 2002, in collaboration with Akatu, collaboration

 “Sustainable Development and Agenda 21” (Desenvolvimento Sustentável e Agenda 21: Guia para Sociedade Civil, Municípios e Empresas) – 2002, in collaboration with Konrad Adenauer Fundation

“Corporate responsibility in Elections Process” and “ Social Report for Journalists”, “Ethos Indicators for Journalists” – 2002

Ethos Manuals including “What can companies do for Women’s Health?” and “What can companies do to include disabled people?” – 2001

(for more information on contribution to Ethos Institute publications please consult )


Selected published scientific articles and thesis

2001 Decoupling chemical and thermal freeze outs in hydrodynamics, N. Arbex1, F. Grassi1, Y. Hama1, and O. Socolowski, Jr.2 Phys. Rev. C 64, 064906 (2001)

July 1999  ‘Using hydrodynamical simulations to study hyperon production and chemical equilibration’.

June 1998  ’Higher Order Correlations test the density matrix’; N. A., M. Plümer e R. Weiner; Phys. Lett. B.438(1998)193.

September 1997 ’Strongly Interacting Systems: Expanding sources in untrarelativistic nuclear and hadronic collisions’; PhD thesis, Phillips Universität, Marburg, Germany.

February 1997 ’Probing the equation of state in  Au+Au  at  11   GeV/nucleon  with  (3+1)dimensional  hydrodynamics’; N. A., U. Ornik, M. Plümer e R. Weiner; Phys. Rev. C 55 (1997) 860.

January 1997  ‘Pion ratio in heavy ion collisions: Coulomb effect or chemical equilibration?’; N. A., U. Ornik, M. Plümer, B. Schlei e R. Weiner; Phys. Lett. B 391 (1997) 465.

February 1995 ’Thermal production in heavy ion collisions’; N. A., U. Ornik, M. Plümer, A. Timmermann e R. Weiner; Phys. Lett. B 345 (1995) 307.

May 1991 ’Produção Múltipla de Partículas em colisões hadron-hadron com tempo de hadronizacão finito’; Masters thesis, USP, São Paulo-SP, Brazil.


Contributions can also be found in conference proceedings: Quark Matter ’99 Conference; Quark Matter ‘96 Conference, Nucl. Phys. A 610 (1996) 567c; Quark Matter ‘95 Conference, Nucl. Phys. A 590 (1995) 590; IRB Workshop on Hadronic Energy and Particle Physics ’95, among others.